A Hawaii group is going to learn polo in Argentina.

Join us from anywhere for 1 or 2 weeks at La Loma Polo farm (Entre Rios province) plus 3 days in Buenos Aires to watch the Palermo Open. 

Daily polo and riding lessons for ALL levels with 4 goal pro player Miguel "Toto" Delia, enjoy your stay at a beautiful farm house, delicious home-made meals and great tours of Buenos Aires and the interior of the country. Going end of November, beginning of December 2013.

Experience the real deal for $3,500 (10 days) to $4,750 (17 days) plus airfare (exact costs will be detailed, we are just putting a group together, it's not a business). Please inquire Mariana@DawsonHawaii.com for more details. Limited spaces.


Here, we share an extract from Hawaii Polo Life's TRAVELOGUE- BY COL. LA'TONYA LYNN
It was back in the northern region of Argentina, bordering the Uruguay River, that we visited La Loma Polo Farm. It is here that Argentinean 4-goaler Miguel Delia keeps a traditional farm house and polo facility. After a meet (and Yerba Mate!) we enjoyed a tour of the plains surrounded by eucalyptus trees. Soon enough, we were practicing polo all day, complemented with delicious meals prepared by Delia’s wife, Mati.
Simple, Argentine regional cuisine done perfectly (and simply) made us feel at home immediately.
Ideal for beginners as well as players of higher levels, this farm was equipped with horses for every type of rider. We happened to be four friends in different stages of our game, but we all rode together, each of us learning something new every day.
Our instructor, Miguel “Toto” (throughout our South Amerrican adventure, it quickly became apparent that nearly everyone in South America has a nickname!), surprised us from the beginning. A professional player, it was under his watch that I found learning how to ride, or control your pony during a match, is more than half the skill. It takes some serious effort.
“Help yourself with your legs La’Tonya,” Toto would scream from across the field.
“Relax your back La’Tonya!” followed by “All fingerprints on the grip La’Tonya.”
Racing through my mind (as I was racing down the green), was, “How could I possibly relax and hold at the same time?” My first instinct was to fight it, ignoring his prompts. But I knew from other training that his string of commands would repeat in my head. 
(So much for the peaceful Saturdays of riding in Mokuleia with Raleigh.)
Toto was a constant reminder. No matter if we were on the opposite corner of the field, Toto saw e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Going through five horses in 2 days and raking up some serious miles on the saddle warranted some hearty laughs (and soreness) afterwards, which we all shared genuinely. During meal times, Toto would share his wonderful stories about playing polo with The Royal Family in England, or games at 1 a.m. under the lights in the middle of the Dubai dessert.
It was here where I learned that players, grooms and patrones all share a heightened passion for the sport. Polo is like a big international family, everyone knows each other everywhere you go. Although I hardly needed an excuse for a return trip, our Carnival parade date was rained out, so certainly that will be on the agenda for my next visit.